Solve Big Problems with AI: Introducing the Strategy Bot

How to Solve Problems with AI

People who use AI will replace people who don’t use AI.

What if AI could tackle the big questions in life for you?

How can I grow my business?

Should I buy this house?

Where should we move?

We are on our way to making it happen.

I teach systematic problem-solving like top strategy consultants.

Now, we have developed a virtual companion that will guide you through the process to the solution.

It will:

  • Take up your input

  • Frame the problem

  • Create issue trees

  • Analyses options

  • Generate a solution

We call it the Strategy Bot.

We developed it based on the newest version of ChatGPT.

Don’t get me wrong. Complex Problem-solving is still an iterative approach.

But having a super-intelligent AI take the role of the omnipresent consultant by your side makes all the difference.

What’s the cost?

That’s the best news: As we are still in the beta phase, you don’t pay.

Why? Because we want to get as many hands on it as possible.

We need people to experiment with it and give us feedback.

This way we can finetune it into a powerful personal companion.

It will face life’s troubles head-on - always by your side with all of the internet’s knowledge.

The only prerequisite

You need to have Open AI’s Chat GPT premium version. It comes at around $20 a month.

If you already are a ChatGPT premium user - perfect you can go ahead and use our Strategy Bot.

If not: Now would be a good time to get the GPT premium. Why? Because it’s the only way the newest and best version version of Open AI’s ChatGPT. Now it even includes real-time data via Bing.

Anyways, we would be eternally grateful, if you give our Strategy Bot a try.

How to use it

Go to our companion here on OpenAI: ChatGPT - Strategy Bot (

Just type in a big problem you’re facing right now and let it guide you through the process.

  • It will ask you questions to better understand your problem. Than it will summarize your problem for you to check.

  • You can make adjustments or jump to solutions.

  • It will then create an issue tree

  • Again, you can adjust until it makes sense for your situations

  • Strategy Bot will then create solutions

It’s far from perfect still. But your feedback will make it better.

This will disrupt not just the consulting industry but also personal decision-making.

Be a part of it.

Thank you so much.

Talk soon

- Alex