Remember the 4S approach to solve almost any problem?

Become a problem-solving hero.

Solving big problems is daunting. It’s uncomfortable.

We avoid it if we can.

Or we just jump to a conclusion, choosing the mental low-hanging fruits.

But there's a secret sauce that top strategy consultants use.

They follow a 4-step framework called the 4S. It’s like a Swiss Army knife for tackling challenges.

First, let's get into the 4S approach.

  1. State: Define the problem clearly.

  2. Structure: Break it down into manageable parts.

  3. Solve: Work out solutions for each part.

  4. Sell: Communicate your solution effectively (or just go for it if you're handling it solo).

Now, why is this so powerful?

Most folks want to dive right into brainstorming solutions.

That’s a mistake.

Understanding the problem is half the battle.

We often rely too much on our expertise or past experiences.

Even Einstein agreed. Remember his quote about spending 55 minutes on the problem?

The trick is to avoid the trap of your own expertise.

Things change, and so should your approach.

The 4S framework keeps you flexible and focused.

Use it in business, use it in life.

Who knows, it might just give you that edge you've been looking for. 😉

To use the 4S approach, follow this flow diagram:

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