The 3 Most Important Skills According to the World Economic Forum

What you should learn to stay competitive in the age of technology and change

Technology and business models are advancing like crazy. Many of us ask ourselves:

What skills will be needed tomorrow? What should I learn in this fast-evolving world to stay attractive to employers?

New rules are being written for doing business and handling social and environmental challenges.

If you want to succeed in any field, you need to be able to solve complex problems like never before.

Simple tasks will be done by AI. Even creative ones. But there are capabilities where the machines cannot match us (yet).

To overcome the challenges of today’s world mental muscle and machine muscle have to collaborate.

For this partnership to work, we need to be quick on our feet. We need systems that help us tackle emerging problems effectively.

The World Economic Forum lists the top 10 skills for jobs in 2020.

The first one is Complex Problem-Solving.

But the list goes on.

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