2 Unexpected Ways to Leverage the AI Wave Instead of Getting Run Over

The opportunities are real. So are the threats.

It’s so important that I repeat myself.

Humans will not be replaced by AI. Humans will be replaced by humans who use AI.

The first custom problem-solving bot that I created took me 1 day of work.

It’s in beta, and there is much to improve.

And yet, it shows how AI is changing everything. Rapidly.

Think of a 1000-person software development company. 50% of the workforce won’t be needed in their position anymore.

We can replace some of our Business Analysts with automated requirement engineering tools such as Zen Data.

We can reduce the number of Software Engineers by AI code assistants such as Github Copilot.

We can save money spent on Consultants using emerging Strategy Bots.

And the list goes on.

What opportunities are there to benefit from this rather than getting swallowed up by the AI wave?

I see 2 main options.

Option 1

Jump on the AI trend and work for a company deploying AI bots in your field of expertise. Or start your own.

I, for example, created a problem-solving bot that will eventually enable anybody to have their personal strategy consultant.

Friends of mine created the requirements engineering bot.

Others have a bot for image generation specifically for musicians.

The possibilities are endless.

What’s your expertise?

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